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My Week in Review, June 10

I hope everyone had a great week! I felt like I got a lot done and even managed to be social. I’ve become one of those people who juggles play dates. Like multiple ones. Who am I?

It’s graduation weekend here, and it has me feeling really nostalgic and missing my job and former students. *tear* I’m raising a glass to you all! Cheers and congratulations to the class of 2016!

What I drank: We finally broke out one of these beauties. Been saving it for a while!

au bon climat wine pinot noir
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What I Ate:


  • Last Week Tonight: John Oliver forgives 14 million bucks in medical debt! Take that, Oprah. Watch on HBO or here’s the whole clip via YouTube.

  • UnReal: Quinn and Rachel are back. Watch it on Lifetime.
  • The Americans: OMG the finale. This was a really interesting season! Keri Russell is amazing, truly, and I don’t know why she’s never been nominated for anything. Actually, this show is really better than most of the shows getting nominated for stuff. Take that. It’s on FX, but the season just ended so find it on Amazon Prime.
  • The History Chicks: Thanks to Mouth Half Full’s Cassie for the podcast rec last week. I’ve already listened to Madam C.J. Walker, Dorothy Parker Pt 1 & Pt 2, and Josephine Baker Pt 1.

From the Internet: [Note that before the last two links there is a trigger warning.]

[Trigger Warning: the following are links to material about rape, rape culture, sexual assault, sexual violence]





My Week in Review, June 3

Happy one month blogiversary to me! Time really does fly…

I’m going to try and post links and lists and such on Fridays. Enjoy! Holler at me in comments if you want to recommend something for me to check out.

What I read this week:

What I watched this week:

  • Love It or List It, Too: Streaming it on Netflix. Not as profesh as the original, imho. Nowhere near as good as the UK’s Kirstie & Phil’s Love It or List It (my fave).
  • Silicon Valley: OMG. A luau at Alcatraz, that’s all I’m going to say.
  • Inside Amy Schumer: My favorite segment was It’s Better for the Baby. “My doula’s a sherpa.” Hilarious.
  • The Americans: Come on, this is a spoiler-free zone.

What I made this week:

cooking with fresh herbs making chimichurri
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I’ve made this chimichurri recipe once before and now there’s no other way I want to eat lamb. This time around I forgot to add the rosemary, but I figured it wasn’t a big deal since the lamb was seasoned with it before grilling.

On the first night we ate this, I paired dinner with Chateau Mourgues du Grès 2012 Costièere de Nimes Galet Rouges. It was Ah-mazing, and a super reasonably priced pick from our wine club at The Winehound. When we ate this for leftovers, my husband picked a 2012 Saracina Anderson Valley Pinot Noir. It really stood up to all the flavors and even tasted great after my son fed me strawberries!

Happy weekend!





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