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It’s Going to be Okay

I meant to write in for The Mom Hour’s Mother’s Day Challenge, but like a lot of things in my life right now, I dropped the ball. I thought I’d take the opportunity to post something here.

Dear mom in line at the grocery who left her wallet in the car,

Dear mom who is awaiting a child via adoption,

Dear mom who commutes long distances every day,

Dear single mom juggling it all,

Dear mom with kids who’ve flown the coop,

Dear mom with grown kid(s) that have returned home,

Dear mom who is grieving the loss of a child,

Dear mom in school,

Dear mom with serious health problems,

Dear mom who everyone thinks has it all,

Dear woman, sister, grandma, aunt, cousin, friend, anyone that mothers,

Dear new mom, young mom, older mom, mom to-be, mom in heart and spirit, pet mom,

Dear anyone with or without a mother,

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Mid-Century Modern Bohemian Contemporary House

I already shared the design plans I had for a 1980s ranch style home, but today I’m back to talk about the other home we offered on and didn’t get. It was a 1973 contemporary ranch house with a stone exterior. Visually, the house just needed a lot more curb appeal. I know that a faux stone exterior might scare off a lot of buyers, but when I saw the low rectangular shape of the home, the big windows, and then the inside—I knew the house had so much potential. Here is a mood board I pulled together for a Mid-Mod Bohemian Contemporary House, and below the cut I’ll go into more detail room by room.

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Rustic Modern Ranch House

I am very excited about where we will end up in just about a week’s time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t mourn for the homes I almost got but didn’t. I thought I’d walk you through some of the ideas I had about two different homes we made offers on to buy. Today I’ll be sharing my interior inspiration for a 1986 ranch style home. Here is a mood board I pulled together for a Rustic Modern Ranch House, and below the cut I’ll go into more detail room by room.

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A True Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Recently I wrote about my dress dilemma, and it really helped me clarify some of my insecurities about myself and my wardrobe. I can happily report that I did wear my boho shirt dress to Rory’s party, and for the most part I did feel confident about the look. The weather was all over the place that day—it started out hot and humid and then later was very overcast and cool—it was the perfect outfit. I did get compliments, and it made me acknowledge that it’s okay to have insecurities about my legs and still wear things that show them off anyway.

I’ve been living with my spring capsule since the beginning of the month, and it hasn’t really changed too much in structure, but it has grown a bit. I started off with less and realized that I was pulling quite a few items from storage because of weather issues, activities, and for practicality. I think we are experiencing a true spring in northern California, and to be honest, I find it a little jarring after so many years of drought.

I really like using the Unfancy capsule wardrobe planning worksheet because it reminds me to plan my wardrobe with specific events in mind. So far I’ve celebrated Rory’s birthday, Easter, had a girls only wine tasting trip to Healdsburg, and gone on a day trip to Yosemite. In May we have Mother’s Day, my husband’s birthday, and mine. I really need my wardrobe to do a lot.

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I Have Nothing to Wear vs. Minimalism

I have been struggling with the worry about my clothes again. I have lots to choose from, and yet I feel like I just can’t re-wear certain things. I suspect this is just a problematic mind frame in need of shift and not an actual problem with my closet. It’s the battle between the I Have Nothing to Wear Syndrome versus Maintaining My Capsule Wardrobe.

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You Are Here

Life has been moving quickly. We’ve been doing the house hunt for over two months, and we finally have an accepted contract!

The whole process has been nothing but a series of ups and downs. There is nothing like the high of finding a house that could be your home if only you can get it.  There’s also nothing like the low of making a solid offer and finding out yours hasn’t been selected. It’s easy to get discouraged, but along the way there were also little blips of excitement. We were back-up offers on two houses, and both houses were slated to fall out of escrow. We crossed our fingers and prayed. The first time it didn’t pan out, but the second time it did.

I was reveling this morning about how far we’ve come, and I got so overwhelmed. My heart started pounding and my vision started to narrow. I thought, did I drink to much coffee? And maybe I had, but I knew that what I was feeling was anxiety. When I’m anxious I can’t think straight. I might have a list of ten things to do, but I can’t figure out how to prioritize them and I lack the motivation to start. When I’m anxious I want to escape, but I don’t have anywhere to go for privacy in this (currently three generational) house. When I’m anxious I feel lost, and I start to question all of my life decisions.

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Podcasts for Everyone

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I feel like I have mentioned that a time or two on this blog and in conversation with friends. I may sound like a broken record, but I thought I’d take the chance to share with you my favorite podcasts that I listen to weekly. I think it’s a timely post since this month NPR is promoting #trypod, a social media campaign to introduce people to podcasts.

How To Get Started Listening to Podcasts & My Current Favorites

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Another Waiting Game

I don’t know how well I’ve done with my goal of being present in the daily monotony of living. This week hasn’t been the sort of regular monotony I deal with, where the week stretches on and yet nothing seems to happen. Rather than being preoccupied with productivity and relaxation, I have been consumed with our house hunt. There’s nothing like a problem to distract you from monotony, eh?

It feels like a waiting game. Will today be the day we find our house? Will they accept our offer? Have I made a huge mistake? Will this really make me happy? I don’t know the answer to any of these questions, I just have to wait and see. House hunting is yet another venture into the unknown and a constant reminder that I am not in control. I am intimately acquainted with both concepts, and yet I find myself stressed out and on the verge of tears.

I have checked my Apple watch every two seconds today. The phantom sensation of an alert is distressing, and yet I dare not let it go unchecked. What if there’s an update? What if there’s news? I’ll be happy or I’ll be sad, but either way, I’ll still have more waiting to do. Everything is a waiting game. Sign this, notarize that, fill this one out, check this box, initial here, make a copy of this, file it all away. And wait.

How do you find peace in a storm of anxiety? No, really, I’m asking. I’m all ears. I can tell you what I’m doing, but I can also tell you it’s not working. I wake up and I hug my little guy. We have breakfast. He plays and I read the news. Horrifying. We go for walks. I shower. He naps. We have lunch. He plays and I watch him and help him up when he takes a tumble. We go for another walk. He naps. I sit here and try to write or read or create. I fail. We have dinner. Dad gives Rory a bath and I do the dishes. Then it’s bedtime for the baby. Then we sit with two iPads and search for our home. “Is it this one?” No. “What about this one?” Nope, that one’s already sold. “How about this one?” Maybe. Could be. We make a call. We wait. We see houses. We wait.

In thirty minutes or less we’ll know if we found our house. Or we will have to just keep waiting.

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