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It’s Going to be Okay

I meant to write in for The Mom Hour’s Mother’s Day Challenge, but like a lot of things in my life right now, I dropped the ball. I thought I’d take the opportunity to post something here.

Dear mom in line at the grocery who left her wallet in the car,

Dear mom who is awaiting a child via adoption,

Dear mom who commutes long distances every day,

Dear single mom juggling it all,

Dear mom with kids who’ve flown the coop,

Dear mom with grown kid(s) that have returned home,

Dear mom who is grieving the loss of a child,

Dear mom in school,

Dear mom with serious health problems,

Dear mom who everyone thinks has it all,

Dear woman, sister, grandma, aunt, cousin, friend, anyone that mothers,

Dear new mom, young mom, older mom, mom to-be, mom in heart and spirit, pet mom,

Dear anyone with or without a mother,

I know how loaded with emotion Mother’s Day can be. You have permission to retreat, not that you need it from me, but you also have permission to make the rules about how you celebrate or not. Sleep in if you can, give someone or something fuzzy a hug, have cake, take a walk, break out the good stuff. You do you.

You are enough.

It’s going to be okay, maybe not today or tomorrow, but it will be.

You are loved and appreciated.

I’m rooting for you. I see you. I acknowledge your blood, sweat, and tears, trials and triumphs.

You are brilliant and strong, and even if you don’t feel that way, you’re getting stronger every day.

I wish you peace, love, and acceptance.








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