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Five Holiday Problems with Easy Solutions

Christmas is upon us. I hope you have your shopping and wrapping done. I hope you have a meal planned, maybe some cookies already baked and ready for Santa. But if you don’t, that’s okay. I’m here to give you permission to opt out (and by you, I mean me). You don’t need another holiday gift guide, what you need is to cut yourself some slack.

Five Holiday Problems with Easy Solutions

1. You still have things left to buy on your shopping list and you’re (almost) out of time

Set the list aside and go easy on yourself. Take a careful look around you and regift, give an IOU, or toss gift cards in your shopping basket and be done with it. It’s the thought that counts. Write a note, it’s totally free.

2. Your house is a mess and someone wants to drop by

Let them know you’d rather meet at their house, take a walk to look at Christmas lights, or hang with your kids at a Del Taco play place. Don’t waste time worrying about meeting some artificial deadline so you can impress someone with your clean house and seasonal decorations. Clean if you want to, when you want to.

3. You didn’t get around to holiday baking

Go right ahead and buy those candy cane Joe Joes, slice and bake those cookies in a tube, fill your usual treat bags with bulk chocolates and mini bottles of booze. Who says everything has to be homemade? If you do get around to baking, pick your favorite and do that recipe first and hoard your goodies for yourself. Seriously, it’s okay.

4. You forgot to put together a festive look to wear

Change out of those sad, baggy lounge pants, and put on something clean that makes you feel good. Find your prettiest lipstick. Paint your toes even if no one can see them. Dig out a necklace and try. You look good, I promise.

5. You have houseguests coming that drive you nuts

Make plans within your plans. Don’t cancel the doctor’s appointment you accidentally made on the 26th. Close the bedroom door behind you and take a break. Arrange a playdate with another family. Drag your guest(s) along. It’s okay if you don’t pack every minute of every day with activities and gourmet meals. You’re not a paid cruise ship director, and being a good host should not be at the expense of your own happiness.

Happy holidays to you! Yes, you! You are rad as fuck, and I know you’re trying your best. Make time for self-care this holiday season. See you in 2019. Peace.



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