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My Week in Review, June 17

This has been an exhausting week! I can’t believe it’s finally Friday. We decided to take a semi-spur of the moment trip up to my hometown to visit family and friends, and also because we are considering a move! So we’ve been checking out houses and seeing if this will be a good fit for us. I gave up on trying to post three times this week. There was just no way I could manage it with packing for a trip, a very long drive on Wednesday night with a toddler, and touring houses all day today. Here is what I did do this week…

What I Ate:

  • Turkey Bolognese with pasta adapted from Life is But a Dish and Penney Lane: I made this last Friday and we feasted on the leftovers for several days. I even hosted an impromptu dinner with a friend on Tuesday night! It’s quick and easy and doesn’t call for anything too complicated. It paired nicely with a Pinot Noir and a Rosé, FYI. Added bonus: my kid loves homemade bolognese and ate it all up.
turkey bolognese quick and simple with pantry staples
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For your reading pleasure:

  • 5 Reasons You Should Take a Break from Watching TV from A Beautiful Mess: I read this and said YES aloud and then told my friend Maggie. She had already read this post and we made a pact to cut TV (and then I think we both kind of failed, oops). But we are definitely down for cutting TV this summer. I’m thinking of limiting my TV to just the shows I actually look forward to each week and cutting the ones that I just let play in the background while I mess around on my iPad. I could use that time more effectively elsewhere.
  • Want to Change the World? Be a Writer. from Helene In Between: I was struck by these lines, “As bloggers, we have a platform, even if it sometimes seems like a small one. Our articles do have an impact. We actually can make a difference.” That’s how I felt in my previous job in higher education. I think that’s all I’ve ever wanted out of my life–to make a difference–and it’s exciting to think that I don’t have to give that up even though I’m a full-time mom and part-time blogger.
  • Cherry Blackout Brownies from Mouth Half Full: Cassie asked for help on a name via Twitter and I obliged. I am super curious about brownies with black beans! I’ve made chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas before, so I’m totally game for this dessert/legume combo!

On the tube:

  • Angie Tribeca on TBS: “Why does a baby need a music class? What, is he going to start a band?” #tooreal #mykidtakesbabymusicclasses


  • Tegan & Sara and the Scott Brothers team up for a video: I love Tegan & Sara, and I watch all things Property Brothers. Therefore, I think this is a match made in heaven.


  1. Clio Clio

    A really great thing to do with leftover bolognese that I picked up from a recipe in Everyday Food is to make it into a savory cobbler. You cook up some other veggies–it’s zucchini in the recipe but I bet peppers or eggplant would also be great–and mix that into the bolognese and put that in a casserole dish. On top, you plop some biscuit dough–not quite enough to cover it, like a cobbler. The biscuit should be savory, maybe has some Parmesan or herbs or something. And then you bake it! It’s a nice change from just having it on pasta, and then you don’t have to make a salad because you mixed extra veggies in already. An excellent way to turn the bolognese into a very portable work lunch.

    • Christina Christina

      That sounds amazing. I’m definitely going to try that out. I also love the idea about it being a good work lunch. Can never have too many of those!

  2. Thanks for the help with the recipe name! Also I’ve definitely been thinking about doing no TV for a while. Make some time for other things.

    • Christina Christina

      Exactly! I don’t even miss it!

  3. Maggie Maggie

    I am doing so much better this week in cutting TV. Granted it’s only Tuesday, but I am toasting to my success on Monday! HA!

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