What a novel idea

I signed up for Nanowrimo. Or, National Novel Writing Month, for people not hip with the lingo.

It was kind of on a whim. I thought, “Oh, it’s November again?” I really don’t have time for this, but that’s what I’ve been saying for years. Ok, at least the past four years. No more excuses.

Ready, set, write.

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Cheap & Chic

Girl Friday has been diligently shopping for bargains and has the scoop for you!

On Friday I went to Kohl’s to check out Vera Wang’s SimplyVera collection. It was featured on Oprah and I thought it looked interesting.


Sadly, I’ve never seen a perfectly good dress on a hanger turn into a garbage bag when I tried it on. Seriously. A hideous navy blue garbage bag with a string-like belt cinching my “waist.” I can only assume that’s the look Vera was going for since the belt was too high for my actual waist, but too low to be an empire waist. Hm…tricky, very tricky. I tried on those fabulous looking coats, too.


Both coats had snags in the fabric already. I guess Khol’s really had to sacrifice quality in order to get a big name to design the garbage bags. Actually, the whole line reminds me of those garbage bag jumpers that Bjork has her band wearing on the Volta tour. (I swear my ballet teachers used to wear garbage bag warm-ups!)

After that crushing disappointment, I went to Steve & Barry’s to check out Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker.


The line is simplistic, versatile, uncomplicated, chic, and fabulous. It’s everything that I expected. That being said, I found that you really do get what you pay for. I got two pairs of Boyfriend jeans for 14.98 each. I am still in search of my fave Lucky Jeans that cost about $120. I think these less pricey pants will tide me over, but the denim isn’t soft and butter-like. The waist reminds me of Gap Jeans that stretch out after one wear. (Thank goodness for my Michael Kors belts I got at Nordstrom Rack!) Still, if you’re looking for cheap and chic, I’d take Bitten over SimplyVera.

Happy shopping, and Happy Halloween!

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I guess I’m not IN with the IT crowd

Dear IT Department,

Your attitude sucks.  You give all IT professionals a bad name.  This makes me really sad since The BF works in IT and he’s one of the good guys whose name you tarnish.  Also, the last department I worked in had the world’s nicest IT people, too.  Maybe you just need some good role models.

There is no reason for you to be nasty.  Is it a skill that you picked up while learning to fix computers, or is it something instilled in you by your evil overlords?  Some day computers will fix themselves and then you’ll be out of a job.  You will never find another one with your winning personality.


Girl Friday

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