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Girl Friday’s Favorite Things

I’m not Oprah, and I can’t give you twenty pricey items for free, but I can introduce you to some awesome things that will satisfy your need for retail therapy this winter.

First of all, if you don’t already know about, you need to get your shop on. Seriously. Seriously! Etsy has changed my life. I discovered the site a few months ago and it has revolutionized the way I shop. I don’t want meaningless stuff and I try not to inflict that upon my friends when I give them gifts.

In September I was searching for mermaid themed items for Notorious M.A.G.’s 26th birthday. Etsy saved me time, sanity, and money. By simply searching for “mermaid” in tags, titles, and descriptions, I had hundreds of items to pick through. Most people would probably settle on the first thing they saw, but not Girl Friday. I poured over every item and finally settled on a necklace from Sea Treasure Studio and note cards from Lokness Press.

Sea Treasure Studio specializes in scrapbook pendants that are fun, funky, and totally vintage. The gift box was decorated and relieved me the duty of wrapping!

Lokness Press has an assortment of screen printed cards, but ultimately it was a gold mermaid printed on brown card stock inscribed with HOLA that won me over. (This is item is sold out, but equally cool is the Cynic Collection.)

I didn’t have to run myself ragged all over town, waste gas, and buy a bunch of things that I only felt luke warm about. (Don’t we all do that? Throw money at a problem and hope it goes away!?) Thus began my love affair with Etsy.

In the next few posts I am going to feature some of my favorite things.

Cue the music, Julie.

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Worst Case Scenario

Girl Friday is a worst case scenario kind of gal.  I often think about what I’d do in an emergency.

If I drove my car into a body of water (on accident or because I was being pursued in a high speed chase), I’d make like Sydney Bristow and  wait until the car was totally submerged, open the door and then take some air in via the tires.  Of course I don’t anticipate this happening to me, but today I did found myself asking, “How would I stop my car if the brakes went out?”

I had my brakes worked on in September, but today I drove to work and noticed the breaks felt squishy and the BRAKE light remained lit even after I disengaged the parking brake.  I left work early and dropped off my car at the shop and later learned that the lines are totally shot and need to be replaced.  So the moral of this story is, always plan for the worst case scenario.

Before I embarked on my drive from work to the shop, I Googled my concern and learned that I could coast, pump my brakes, down shift, gently use my parking break, tap the back of a car traveling the same speed as me, hit the rubber of the tire up against the guard rail, drive into shrubs or grass, and even hit a tree less than four inches in diameter.

Things I never knew, but now I’m glad I do.  Don’t you?

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Of Hippos and Bathrooms

Announcing a new look for Girl Friday! It’s autumn, so I’m going with a darker color palette. Thanks to my graphics guru.

Also, I just wanted to say thanks for your encouragement and support as I endeavor to do Nanowrimo. Right now I’m at 9,124 words, and that’s not including today’s work that I’m still trying to bust out.

In the midst of writing today I had to get some stuff out of my head, so without further ado, an office story just for you…

There is an office in the ladies room on the fourth floor. I wonder what kind of business goes on in there.

I assume that it’s the only office inside a bathroom, but I’ve never checked the other five floors of the building. I suppose there could be a whole slew of workers stashed away in bathroom offices.

I wonder what the architect and planners were thinking when they did this. Was it an after thought? Was it a mistake?

When people find out they’re going to be working in a bathroom do they hesitate taking the job?

For months I’ve passed this door and didn’t give it a second glance. I thought it was a storage closet. I never noticed that it was labeled with a number plate. I never noticed the vents on the door and I never saw any light coming from the cracks. Yet the other day I heard voices when I was in the bathroom. Not the voices of a woman in the other stall, but voices that were muffled. My first thought was of ghosts. Ghosts in the wall. Seriously. I thought ghosts haunting the bathroom like Moaning Myrtle was more likely than an office in a bathroom.

Now I wonder how that worker feels. I wonder if I’ve met her…I assume it’s a woman since her office is in the ladies restroom. I really hope so anyway. Does she feel sad that her office is in a bathroom? Even if her job keeps her out and about most of the day, how does she feel knowing her desk and her personal things are in an office inside a bathroom?

I can only wonder…

And lastly, this hippo is nicer than my cat.

That is all.

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